Born in Brasilia (Brazil) on 12 September 1975, of Italian-Brazilian citizenship by descent from the paternal branch, residing in Siena since 1994, she graduated in Law in 2004 at the University of Siena with a thesis in International Law entitled “Mercosul, ALCA and European Union” Since January 2005 he has been a lecturer in the subject at the Chair of European Union Law under Prof. Massimiliano Montini at the University of Siena, Faculty of Economics.

In 2005 he also attended the Specialization Course in Forensic Professions of the University of Siena, the Specialization Course for Experts in Environmental Legislation of the University of Siena and participated in the organized Environmental Law: International and European Perspectives School from the University of Siena and from University College London.

Since 2004 he has been assisting citizens all over the world, as one of the leading experts in the field, descendants of Italians, to obtain recognition of their citizenship jure sanguinis, both through the administrative procedure and through the judicial procedure. He followed hundreds of processes of recognition of Italian citizenship with positive results, collaborating with the main service companies in the citizenship sector - for legal advice and assistance. She has participated in various events as a speaker on citizenship issues with particular reference to jure sanguinis citizenship.

Since January 2005 he has been assisting as Legal Manager, Italian companies with internationalization projects. Following these projects with particular expertise in the countries of South America, focus Brazil, both for the development of the entire project and for the resolution of individual legal issues.

He also prepares contracts in Portuguese, selects partners in Brazil both for the commercial development of companies and for consultancy on specific sectors. In fact, for years he has been dealing with national and international contracts in the languages ​​of his knowledge (Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish), and legal and bureaucratic assistance in the business sector which involves Brazil and South America with Europe, as an opening of offices, transfer of employees, creation of new businesses, management of legal and bureaucratic activities.
From January 2007 to 2010 she was Legal Expert of

the Environmental Legal Team of the University of Siena for the realization of a permanent support for legal assistance on climate change and in implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. In the same year he developed a legal consultancy project for the province of Siena for companies to create economic relations between local businesses and China (c / o PromoSiena). He attended a course in Chinese Environmental Law in Shanghai organized by the University of Sidney. Since 2007 he has been involved in the development of legal departments in various sectors, as a legal advisor, as companies specializing in bureaucratic services for immigration and citizenship, social service cooperatives, etc. Furthermore, he is president of the ELT (Environmental Legal Team) - which deals with information and training on environmental issues.
Since February 2008 she has been a member of the Siena Bar Association and works as a freelance lawyer in her associated studio in Siena, Via Paolo Frajese 5.

In carrying out his profession, he has assisted and assisted many companies as legal counsel, expert in national and international contracts: in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology, food industries, construction, agricultural production (oil and wine) and service franchising. He is also a professional mediator (Ministerial Decree 222/2004). As well as, Head of Brazilian Desk of Vitale & Partners, International Law Firm, as well as lawyer of counsel - as a contact person for the internationalization of business to South America. In Brazil he is Senior Partner of the law firm Erik Bezzerra Advogados - as Head of Italian Desk.
Specialized in International Law and Commercial Law, since 2008 she has assisted many European companies with economic interests in Brazil and South America, also as a member of the Brasilia Bar Association (002 - OAB-DF) as "Consultora em Direito Estrangeiro". It also assists many clients in international inheritance practices, child adoption and child custody.

Over the years it has further specialized in business crisis, assisting dozens of companies in the extrajudicial restructuring phase and in legal assistance for the management of alternative or insolvency procedures, with excellent results.

She attended the FIA Convention (Franchising International Association), in Las Vegas in February 2013. She collaborates in the field of Franchising consultancy with very renowned companies in Brazil.

In the context of continuing education, he attended for three editions a master's degree in Bankruptcy Law at the University of Siena organized by Prof. Pacchi as well as specialization courses in Bankruptcy Law at the University of Florence, short Master's degree in International Contracts in Rome, Short Master's Degree in Banking Litigation, and is currently attending the two-year Specialization course in the Law of People of family and child relations organized by the ONDIF in agreement with the Roma Tre University, etc.

In addition, she has long been president of the ELT (Environmental Legal Team), she is the referent for internationalization in various trade associations.


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