Born in Poggibonsi (SI) on 09.19.1984, on 18.09.2008 she graduated in Law at the University of Siena with a dissertation on Civil Law entitled “Social contact responsibility: legal category or panacea? ”, obtaining the vote of 110/110 summa cum laude.

Since 2009 Expert of the Department of Civil Law and Private Law of the University of Siena, in 2014 she received the Ph.D. in Law - PhD Program in Private Law from the University of Pisa, presenting a thesis entitled "The interpretation of the asymmetric contract, in the kaleidoscope of transparency".
On 7.11.2011, she obtained the forensic license, and from 11/16/2011 is registered in the Register of Lawyers of the Court of Siena.
For the result reported in the qualifying exam, the Silver Toga Award was conferred by the Order of Siena on 1.03.2013.

In 2013 she attended the Brief Master in Family and Child Law organized by AIDIF, obtaining the relevant certificate, and, in 2017, following a vocational training course, he obtained the enrollment in the newly established “List of lawyers trained in matter of gender violence” held by the Council of the Bar Association of Siena.
She is currently attending the School of Advanced Specialized Education in the Law of Persons, Family Relations and Juvenile Relations organized by the National Observatory on Family Law (ONDIF).

She carries out her activity in Siena, Via Paolo Frajese n. 5, where she deals with all aspects of Civil Law, providing advice and assistance both in and out of court, up to the European Court of Human Rights.
Her main field of activity is the Family Law, and in the aforementioned subject she was also formed on all aspects of an international nature that may relate to family relationships, and in particular on the complex and increasingly widespread phenomenon of international abductions of minors.
Thanks to her mastery of legal English and her collaboration with leading specialized translators and interpreters, she is able to assist an international clientele.

From 2014 she participates as a speaker at conferences on Family Law, including: "Conflict and parental responsibility: between 709 ter c.p.c. and the parental coordinator", organized by ONDIF with the local orders and held in Pisa on 04.04.2019, in Grosseto on 03.05.2019 and in Siena on 06.27.2019," Jugendamt (Administration for Youth) protects or discriminates against children in the Eureopean? ”, organized in Udine on 02.22.2019 by AIAF Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Order of Lawyers of Udine; "The protection orders", in the conference "The criminal protection of the person in family relationships", organized in Rovigo on 31.03.2017 by AIAF Veneto Section Rovigo, Order of Lawyers of Rovigo and University of Ferrara; "Illicit transfer of minor. Theoretical and practical profiles", in the conference" Protection beyond the frontier. Bilingual children without a voice. Binational children without rights", organized in La Spezia on 4.12.2015 by the Civil Chamber of La Spezia and the Council of the Bar Association of La Spezia;

"International kidnapping of minors" in the homonymous conference organized in Siena on 15.05.2015 by the Civil Chamber of Siena; "Europe united in law, reality or utopia? The question of the German Jugendamt", in the homonymous conference organized in Milan on 16.04.2015 by the ViviMi association; "The Jugendamt - an all-European anomaly" at the conference "The family in the European juridical space. Substantial and procedural aspects of cross-border family law", organized in Florence on 3.10.2014 by the National Observatory on Family Law Florence, Order of the Florence Lawyers and Foundation for Forensic Education of the Florence Bar Association.

Still on the subject of international child abduction, she is co-author of the bill to amend law no. 64/1994 of ratification of the Hague Convention of 25.10.1980 on the civil aspects of international child abduction, presented to the Chamber of Deputies, and is also the author and co-author of petitions to the European institutions and questions to the European Commission on this subject (from last, petition No. 0610/2018, deemed admissible and currently open to support, on the discriminatory effects of the Italian legislation on passport).

Thanks to her particular experience in international child abduction to German-speaking countries, she is the legal consultant for the C.S.IN. Onlus.

She is the author of publications, including: "The resolutive clause expressed between the principle of good faith and the importance of default", in Bonds and contracts, 2009, 8-9, 708 ff .; "Factoring", in "Contracts for the financing of the company", by G. Dinacci and S. Pagliantini, in Treaty of economic law, directed by E. Picozza and E. Gabrielli, VII, Padua, 2010, 29 seq .; "Art. 10: abuse of the image of others", in Commentary on the Civil Code, directed by Gabrielli, Delle persone, I, edited by Barba and Pagliantini, UTET, 2012, 661 ss., 2012, 661 ss .; Updates to the chapter "Liability for damage from defective products (articles 114-127)", in Commentary on the Consumer Code, edited by G. Vettori, "The contract of consumers, tourists, customers, investors and weak companies . Beyond the consumer ", CEDAM, 2013, 1063 ff .; “The labeling of textile products in the light of the EU regulation n. 1007/2011: some reflections in the first application phase ”, being published in a journal; "Articles. 752-756 of the civil code ", in Commentary on the Civil Code, DIKE LEGAL EDITRICE, in press; "The question of water: opportunities for the emergence of the common good in the Italian legal system", in I common goods. Joint seminar of the Doctoral School in juridical sciences: program of private law, program of public and economic law, program of constitutional justice and fundamental rights. University of Pisa, 12-13 October 2012, edited by Umberto Breccia and others, Pisa University Press, 2015; "The role of the occupational physician in the assessment and management of risks related to night work in the light of national and community regulations", in G. Ital. Erg., 2016, vol. XXXVIII, 1; "The Jugendamt. Ideas and reflections on a European anomaly ", in QDF, 2015; "Binational minors and the German family law system: an all-European anomaly. Notes in the margins of the May 29, 2018 event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg "Jugendam's practices in cross-border cases of child custody", in The Observatory on family law, 2019, 1.

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