Our law firm provides legal and bureaucratic assistance to obtain recognition of Italian citizenship since 2004

We work with the recognition of citizenship jure sanguinis with administrative procedure,
judicial recognition of citizenship with maternal and paternal descent, judicial recognition for lack of documents, judicial recognition for delay in the response of the competent Consulate, naturalization by marriage, as well as recognition of the degree, reconstruction of documents, etc.

Below are all the descriptions of the structure of the judicial process of recognition of Italian citizenship.

The documents required for the recognition request are:

- birth certificates (starting from the Italian one which is the main document of the process);
- marriage certificates;
- death certificates;
- Certificate of naturalization (negative / positive) with all the variants of the Italian name contained in the
Brazilian documents (only for Italian).

Only the documents of the main branch interest us (the collateral documents must not be produced - husbands and wives).


In the same procedure can apply up to 10/12 applicants of the same branch of the family.

In court proceedings, it will be necessary to present the request made by the Consulate, even if recent (A / R with receipt).

The average time to complete the process is two years.

We take care of legal and bureaucratic assistance in administrative and judicial proceedings, accompanying clients throughout the Italian phases of the process and indicating the best partners for the preliminary stages of the process, carried out in Brazil.

Studio DPD boasts professional collaboration with serious partners that offer additional legal services, offering customers the best legal assistance with the utmost competence.

For more information send an email to: info@dpdcidadania.it
We will reply within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).