SShe graduated in Law in October 2001, at the University of Siena, with a thesis in substantive criminal law, bringing 110/110 with honors. She also attended the School of Specialization for the Legal Professions at the University of Siena and achieved, in 2003, the relevant diploma.

Since March 2005, she is admitted to the Bar Association of Siena and lends activities as self-employed lawyer in his study in Siena, playing mainly in criminal activities. She attended, in 2002 and in the year 2007/2008 the course for the training exercise of a defensive penalty "Techniques and ethics of the criminal" organized by the Association for the Education of Forensic southern Tuscany, obtaining the respective certificates.

As part of continuing vocational training, she attended, among others, the following training events, organized by AIGA section. Siena: "Stalking civil and criminal profiles" of 15 May 2009; "The arrest, validation and direct judgment in judicial practice and in the techniques of defensive strategy" of 26 February 2010; "The criminal lawyer between representation and reality fictional trial.

Conversations with Gianrico Carofiglio on 11 March 2010 and "The role of the lawyer in the process and figure among the legacies of the past, the difficulties of today and the future" on 18 May 2012. In addition, among the various training events accredited by Bar Council of Siena, took part in the following sessions: "The scientific evidence and the criminal trial" held on 6 May 2011; "The evolution of legislation and case law in crimes related to drug regulation in six years by changes in the DPR 309/1990", held on 24 October 2011; "The final discussion between rhetoric and defensive techniques" of 15 March 2012; "The causation in negligence and intentional offenses" held November 30, 2012; "The notitia criminis and preliminary investigations.

The role of the PM, and the Judge Advocate "held on February 15, 2013. He also participated, getting the relevant certificate, in the year 2014, the course held

 by the Institute of Family Therapy of Siena "The professional resources of the office: the relational competence".

She is currently enrolled in the lists of defense lawyers (of the Court of Siena), and lists of lawyers entitled to legal aid.

Currently she serves on the Council of Equal Opportunity, established in the Council of the Bar of Siena, with the position of Secretary.