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The firm is a joint collaboration of the founding members Silvia Pellegrini and Flavia H.M. Di Pilla both lawyers of the Courts of Siena.

We specialize in the management of issues outside of the courtroom: international law, criminal, civil, corporate, commercial and administrative law. We guarantee our customers, punctuality and quality as well as assistance in the field of alternative dispute resolution (conciliation, mediation and arbitration).

Our firm has a specialization in international business and management business in Europe and South America – Brazil. Our extensive experience in this sector offers clients and customers the opportunity to realize business in Brazil and South America with security and protection, as well as an extensive network of contacts throughout South America ...Read More

Flavia H. M. Di Pilla


She graduated in law in 2004 at the University of Siena. Expert in national and international contracts...

Silvia Pellegrini


She graduated in law in 2001 at the University of Siena. Main activity in criminal matters...

Irene M. Gonnelli


She graduated in Law at the University of Siena with a dissertation on Civil Law...

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La violenza endofamiliare

La violenza endofamiliare

La violenza di genere ed in particolar modo la violenza endofamiliare, è un fenomeno di cui tristemente sono inflazionate le cronache (e le aule di giustizia) e che, in maniera preoccupante, sfocia, assai sovente, in...

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